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Barrie, Ontario
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949:2009


For more than fifty years Theta TTS has provided manufacturers in the automotive industry with high quality parts and a reliable cost-effective partner. Today, fine blanking represents the fastest growing area for our company.

Fine blanking opens up a wider range of options for your product, providing flexibility for your design and precision in its application. Incorporate more intricate parts, enjoy superior flatness, and have confidence in the consistency of the process. We construct fully functional prototypes to ensure the end product meets your specifications exactly.


Fine Blanking is a hybrid metal forming process combining the technologies of stamping and cold extrusion. Triple-action presses combined with specially designed tooling produce parts impossible to make with any other stamping process.

Meticulous maintenance, a climate-controlled workspace, and regular monitoring of all processes ensure that our facilities are kept in optimal condition, producing results you can count on every time.

  • 3 Fine Blanking Presses up to 650 ton
  • 2 Niederberger for surface finishing
  • Automated sanding equipment
  • Automated and manual assembly

With a limited number of fine blankers in North America, Theta TTS offers clients a unique level of control and part quality surpassing many characteristics of traditional metal stamping processes. More and more manufacturers are discovering the advantages of fine blanking for parts needing clean edges and surfaces with little or no die-break, small holes, or greater strength than casted or sinter metal parts.

Fine blanking offers:

  • Improved control, accuracy, and repeatability
  • Excellent part flatness
  • Superior finished edges
  • Reduced production costs
  • Faster production

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