"Tommy is always dedicated to helping his customers by uncovering all potential solutions and is never afraid to take on whatever needs to be done to provide a high level of service. Tommy helped me many time while I was working in a fast paste R&D Company. He spent countless hours finding quick turn solutions in precision fabrications while we were trying to get our product to market. I hope our paths will cross again in the future."
~ Stacey Brink, Materials Manager
"Tommy represents one of our suppliers and we are extremely pleased with the service we receive, the quality of the components, and the prompt delivery. He is always responsive to our requests and a pleasure to work with."
~ Cindy Burnette, Purchasing Manager, Tessy Plastics, LLC.
"Tommy is the kind of person you want in front of new & existing customers. He represents our company in a very professional way."
~ Glenn Berry, President, JMC Tool and Machine
"Garnett Component Sales is the best manufacturer's rep I deal with. He is very dedicated to finding me a source when I need an item I have not been able to procure on my own. He continually provides feedback and follows up on all open items until they are resolved. He is easy to reach and easy to deal with."
~ Barbara Tuck, Purchasing Agent, Dill Air Control Products
"I believe the most cost effective way to market your products in this very competitive manufacturing arena is through the services of experienced, relationship oriented, market and result focused manufacturing reps. For the past thirty years our company has successfully selected representatives and Tommy Garnett of Garnett Component Sales is our latest addition. We have been excited to have him on our staff because in less than six months he has strategically built an effective marketing campaign, secured new business, and exhibits an excitement that permeates through our organization. We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship and are happy to have Tommy aboard."
~ Mark H. Yessian, President, AAA Industries Inc.
"It has been my pleasure to work with Garnett Component Sales since 1996. The service they provide is outstanding and the principals that they represent are first class in the industry. Mr. Garnett brings a professional and ethical attitude with him at all times. You can place your trust in them to provide you the service that is expected."
~ Wally Jones, Supply Chain Specialist, Pentair Pool Products
"GCS has provided Flexan Corporation with excellent representation in NC and SC for over 9 years. Tommy is a committed, ethical individual who I have greatly enjoyed working with. GCS represents their principals and customers with respect and passion."
~ Brian Barhorst, Flexan Corporation
"GCS has represented JMC Tool and Machine since 2000 and has been instrumental in advancing our goals of growth and market expansion. GCS has opened many new doors for JMC and our customers pay them the highest compliments."
~ Howard Nystrom, Co-Owner, JMC Tool and Machine
"Working with Tommy Garnett and Garnett Component Sales has been a very positive experience for everyone at Web Seal. GCS is tenacious in searching for the best solution to their customers' problems. At a personal level, Tommy conducts himself in a highly professional and ethical manner. Continuing to build our relationship with GCS is one of our key growth strategies."
~ John Hurley, President, Web Seal, Inc.
"Die-Tech needed outside sales representation to expose more prospects to our services and products. After hours of research we chose Garnett Component Sales to represent us in the Southeast territories. Tommy Garnett provided an aggressive marketing plan along with a thorough understanding of the markets and targets that were attractive for our business. With the number of associates and states covered Die-Tech definitely feels we are receiving a good value for our investment. The willingness of his associates to work together with our internal sales and marketing team keep a constant open line of communication. I would not hesitate to recommend Garnett Component Sales as your Manufacturing Representative in the Southeast territories."
~ Tim Zeigler, VP of Business Development, Die-Tech, Inc.
"Since we've been working with Garnett Component Sales, I've continued to be impressed. We've had a very interactive relationship which has led to bottom line results – for both of us. Successful business is based on planning and execution, and Tommy Garnett's organization has shown this is a core competence."
~ Gary Ball, General Manager, Fischer Special Mfg., Co.
"GCS does their due diligence up-front. Before asking for a proposal, they do their homework and get as much background as possible to qualify the project."
~ Chris Cashette, CEO, Genesee Global Group, Inc.
"Having GCS and their wide network of factories is extremely beneficial. They find the ones that are right for us."
~ Kevin French, Director of Procurement, Wika Instruments

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